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Welcome to my homepage

The purpose with this page is to show my skills within multimediadesign. This page is coded from scratch with Atom text editor. I alse did the design, SEO and upload to webserver myself. I hope You find the page simpe and userfriendly

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Responsive design

This homepage is responsive, meaning that it adabt your screen size wether it is a mobile, tablet or computer. Try for yourself and watch this page on different screens

picture of blue color scheme


Colors used are found with the help of, and is a progam that helps find matching colors. I choose the blue colors, as they show authority, peacefull and trustworthy. Blue is often used for business purpose.

picture of fonts


Fonts used are Baloo Chettan and Raleway. They are google fonts and are free to use and easy to work with

picture of HTML5 and CSS


This page is coded in HTML5 and styled with CSS. Animations on this page is done in CSS. The database for my contact formula is done in PHP

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I have used SEO on this page to make it more visible on search engines. If You have found this page through google search it is working

picture of cut it webpage

My work so far

In my 2 semester i created a homepage for a hairdresser in Vamdrup named CUT-IT.DK. I created the page from scratch with HTML5, CSS og CSS grid, added SEO and put it online. Right now it is placed 3 on google search with search words "frisør Vamdrup"